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...Basics #1

Welcome to GacktJOB Fics. We're a collective of fanfiction involving Gackt and the members of his support band, JOB. We encourage you to come and post your stories and read those of others! Please enjoy your stay here.

...Rules #2

1) Respect your fellow members. I cannot stress this enough. Do not squabble over personal, or artistic, differences here.

2) We would like to keep the fics centered on Gackt and his band members. While GakuHai and other such pairings are allowed, it is preferred that your story also contain another member of GacktJOB. However, it's not as though we'll kick you out for not including.

3) Stories do not have to contain Gackt, they can be purely JOB if you so desire.

4) This is a homosexually friendly community. If this offends you in anyway, please feel free to leave.

5) When posting please follow this set up:
Pairings(if any):
(Fic under an LJ cut)

6) If your story is not under an LJ Cut, it will not stay posted. Period.

7) Authors enjoy getting feedback, so please try to leave comments on all stories you read. This is just a common courtesy.

8) Please do not post ads in the community. Either for products being sold or for community. There are places made especially for this purpose.

9) Please do not make posts in which comments cannot be made. It is your choice whether or not to screen comments, but the moderator(s) need to be able to reply to you for one reason or another. Thank you.

10) All entries must be tagged. Please read our TAGGING GUIDE before posting.

11) All entries with a rating of R or higher must be set to members only.

...Affliates #3


...Legalities #4

The moderators of this community are not affliated with Gackt, JOB, nor with Nippon Crown, nor AVEX, etc. This community does not claim ownership of anyone used in stories and is non-profit. The community is fan-based and solely for entertainment purposes. It is not meant to be offensive in any manner, and if found so by a party mentioned in said stories and posts, it will be deleted.

...Other #5

1) Creator: gacktyougirl
Co-Founder: gakuto_chan

Current Maintainers: gacktyougirl, takinchimera, and paraph

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